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You pull up to a drive thru window tell him exactly what you want they repeat it back to you and then you don't get what you want because apparently there's something wrong with their headsets are your speaker box I don't know somebody help me with this because it happens daily weekly monthly yearly I should be getting free milkshakes for life Add comment

Booths too small for larger people . Add comment

I went there on christmas day with my family. We recieved terrible service and food, i filed a complaint to which no one has bothered to reply. Add comment

Have not been to Steak n Shake for a few years. Saw a commercial and decided the double garlic burger sounded great. Stopped in, purchased athe double and was served what looked like a McDonalds single. The parties were approximately an with of an inch thick a d were placed with nothing else between two pieces of bread. While disappointed in that meal, I ate it and left with a taco salad to go.... Read more

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Had an experience at the location in Kissimmee Fla. On Vine St. Poor service, was ignored as several employees were lingering around, and not paying attention to paying customers. I'm in hospitality and I was blown away by the lack of decency, and attention that was neglected. I'm confident that corporate would like to know about this. My number is 407 288 4147. J.J. is my name. I'm also... Read more

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on 2/7/2016 i took my grandchildren to the Washington Mo. Steak N Shake around 5:45pm. We were greeted by "Adam" and seated in the large area. The place was NOT busy and our order was taken. Adam was very cordial but we could see he was the only server in the Large Dining area. This man "Adam" was running is tail off. He and we were concerned about the time it took after our order was placed. A... Read more

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tried to dine at this location. tables empty but not cleaned, floor a mess of food and paper, staff oblivious to customers, manager missing in action. No comment cards available, people waiting to pay, people waiting to be seated, people being asked to write their name down on the book, "did you write your name down?" on what? hostess was the same person bussing tables as slowly as possible.... Read more

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I hated my job. Full of drama and talking ***. Very rude costumers and coworkers. I'm happy I quit. As a young teenager who needed to work and save some money for college working at Steak 'n Shake made me really depressed. I had a job in drive thru and the ladies who made food were pretty nasty no wonder why people complained about food poisoning all the time Add comment

stopped into the Steak and Shake restaurant in Davenport IA, We sat there for at least 10 min,it was not busy at all,the waitress handed our menu and then proceeded to clean tables and wait on other customers before taking our order, my wife orderd a cheese burger well done and after getting our meal it was loaded with onions which she did not order,the french fries were cold, and she also heard... Read more

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It appears as a very pervy ad. And I have had enough of this agenda. We ate at this chain, twice a week, but as soon as this ad series came on, we stopped.It is not so much the ham acting, but the old guy trying to look young and impress the young boy. Also both are wearing pjamas or what looks like pjamas. The fact that the old guy wears a dead squirrel on his head, makes it even sicker. Also... Read more

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