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This disgusting meal was produced by Steak&Shake's 2096 Interstate Dr , Opelika , AL . The fries to the burger was stale and was very dry. The "chili" to the left looks very ... How should I put? Disgusting. The noodles seemed very squishy and just didn't look edible at all! Add comment

Fowler-Tampa Fl. Worst Steak 'n Shake I have ever been to. Dirty floors (especially the kitchen), tables & booths, Windows, parking lot, and the management was poorly!!!! What kind of business doesn't clean their bathroom (ladies & mens). Everywhere we looked there was trash or garbage. We'll never return. This location needs updating and a new staff all around. Maybe some garbage cans outside for people to toss their trash in instead of on the... Read more

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Waited for almost an hour for food. Everyone who came after us had already got their food and when I inquired why the server was rude and unprofessional saying dine in takes longer than the rest. Left without eating Add comment

Orlando, next to lake buena vista... Restaurante semi-empty, they kept customers waiting to be seated purposely for over ten minutes. Once seated, order shakes, they said it would take at least fifteen minutes. Agreed on this. When ordered burgers, they said it would take at least thirty minutes. We simply walked away. No apologies not regrets, simply let us leave. Seemed like they were doing this to all customers. Mr. Owner, be aware of the... Read more

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I am sittimg in the steak and shake in Covington, LA right now, waiting for my food i ordered 20-25 min. ago, never cane back to ask us,for refills on our drinks, and all the girls are in the kitchen having a chat for the last numbe..... of minutes. Ok now, 30 mins later got food and ate, still have not seen the girl that waited on us, now waiting for our ticket no one around. 7 guys in kitchen working and cooking and not one ask to help us... Read more

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Parking lot looked like a land mine of garbage. Disgusting. Add comment

Visited the RIC location near Richmond VA airport (in a shopping center about 1 mile from the airport)....Waitress (terestra?) did not get our order straight; this visit took over 40 minutes, salad came WITH the hot lunch, Shake never came until i walked up to the counter and spoke to the Manager "mike" who sincerely apoligized, and that is all he did. One of the waitresses spilled about 1/2 soda on the floor next to our table...did they clean... Read more

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Dirty! Please clean your restaurant! Add comment

Went through the drive thru and was told the computer was down and I would have to go inside. Chaos. Cashier didn't know what to do. She was very rude. I ordered a combo and she tried to charge me extra for the drink. I asked to see the manager who didn't come but the cashier came back and gave me a discounted price. I didn't get the order I wanted. After waiting 15 minutes, she called me before two others ahead of me. I wondered why. ... Read more

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