I was in the Roanoke va. Store.

And saw a gitl working.. who jus got out of jail for an assult charge. She is a fellon. I was under the impression that they done checks on thier employees.

This is descrimination...againts others who try for jobs there. I guess the hiring mgr. Jus doesn't care who he hires. I think this is very unfair to good people that are trying to get jobs..when this person just got out of JAIL.

I have a niece whi applied for a j ob there. And didn't even get a chance. I don't think hiring soneone who has an assult charge..and a job there is fair. This rule should be for everyone.

Or not at all. This is really unfair..

And definitly discrimination. I hope the next time im in thete..l don't see her working.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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People on probation/parole are required to work so they're a lot more likely to show up. Businesses also get tax credits for employing felons.You know ehats really unfair?

The discrimination felons receive after they get out of jail and try to get their lives together.

EVERYONE commits some type of crime in their life. Some just don't get caught.

Dallas, Texas, United States #915288

People who goes to jail need employment also.Maybe your niece was not gualified for the job.You really need to mind your business And leave other peoples business along.So what this person went to jail,It probably was behind someone like you in others business.


Maybe the reason you didn't get hired is because of your extremely poor grammar, and spelling. No matter what type of crime a person has committed, once they are released from custody that means they have served whatever time they were sentenced to.

You better be sure your accusations are correct instead of just gossip.

Also when a person is released from jail they are required to have a job. In the meantime go back to school and learn proper spelling and grammar, then maybe you OR your niece can get a job.

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #915130

I have a strong feeling he is trying to cause trouble for an ex girlfriend, most likely because he was dating he online and she dumped him when she found out he was six years old. He has no right to call anyone old enough to work a girl(child) when he spells and has the grammar skills of a first grader.

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