1233 Omniplex Dr, Forest Park, OH 45240, USA
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My family and i went to the steak n shake on omniplex dr fairfield, oh at about 12:35pm today, our order was taken at around 1:10, i watched 4 other groups of people leave because of no service, i went to the register to ask how much longer because my 2 year old and 2 month old started to get fussy, i was never given an answer but instead a lady in thr kitchen yelled we are short staffed everybody needs to calm down. I was then told by the young guy who took our order that he never put our order in and he did apologize but after waiting over an hour for our food with nobody telling us when to expect our order or apologizing for the wait we left!!

I frequent steak n shake atleast once a week (not this location) but will NEVER go back. We are EXTREMELY upset we wasted our day at this steak n shake with horrible customer service, i had to lug my 3 kids and mother back into the car with my 2 year old and 10 year in tears because they were starving, a gentleman behind us offered his cheeseburger to us. This needs to be addressed, if someone would have told us they were short staffed and give an estimated time for food we could have made a decision to stay or go.

This is ridiculous. I would like to also add i then waited 10min on hold to issue this complaint but nobody answered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Now you have to create a fake account yourself to make it look like you were impersonated. Grow up child beater.


Laughing a little at the no doubt teenagers (please...because if you are adults this is scary) arguing here. Honestly people need hobbies. As for the complaint, I would obviously never patron this particular location again after this type of service, however I also would never have waited more than 20 minutes before choosing to leave.


If you think I am a teenager why are you asking me for nude pictures. Sick


The only one acting like a child is you. Lying, pretending someone is posing as you.

Making false claims about me being one of the workers.

You are not that smart if you think that one of the workers knows you posted this and would reply back within an hour of your post. You really are a special kind of stupid.


What is scary is that you are an adult and mother when you act no older than six.


I notice you did not reply now that I exposed you funny.


I don't care about your argument with Fragrant numbrat, but making fun of special needs people. Hope you do not teach your kids that.


Your an idiot! She said nothing about special needs people, she called him special, which could be a special kind of stupid, or maybe she sincerely thought he is special.

Way to take things out of context and make assumptions just to create negativity. I hope you don't teach your children to be like that.


Also honey the IP addresses where you admit to beating your kids as well as the original review match. Nice one liar.

First you lie about me being one of the "idiots" that work there.

Now you lie about me posting something which you most likely posted. But unlike you or whoever posted I can spell emancipated, another nice lie from you.


ANAnonymous Anonymous to FragrantNumbat less than a minute ago #1615171 FRFragrantNumbat FragrantNumbat to KeenBird482 1 day ago #1614082 It is spelled eminicipate. If you do disown your kids because of this incident and emancipate yourself form your mother best decision for them.

---FIRST OF ALL YOU SPELLED IT WRONG (THE SAME WRONG WAY YOU SPELLED IT WHEN MAKING A FALSE POST.) You said it is spelled eminicipate then go on to spell it correctly the second time --- SECOND of all No honey the IP addresses do not match, you would know that if you really knew how to tell. Some people really went to school and know these things instead of once again making false posts.


Not less than a minute ago. Another lie


I never posted that about you beating your kids that yourself. Unlike you I know how to spell "emancipated." Most likely you are lying about not posting that.

Just like you lied when you said that I was one of the workers.

You are a child beater and ashamed of beating your kid. You claim that I am the one that posted about beating your kids, but I did not because I know how to spell emancipated.


FRFragrantNumbat FragrantNumbat to KeenBird482 1 day ago #1614082 It is spelled eminicipate. If you do disown your kids because of this incident and emancipate yourself form your mother best decision for them.

---FIRST OF ALL YOU SPELLED IT WRONG (THE SAME WRONG WAY YOU SPELLED IT WHEN MAKING A FALSE POST.) You said it is spelled eminicipate then go on to spell it correctly the second time. ---Second you spelled from wrong, it's not form, it's from.


I did not make any false posts. If you notice the one with the "false post" was the one that was misspelled.

Mine is not. It is kind of pathetic that you have to lie to make yourself seem right.

When I proved you wrong you had to make a lie. You are so immature.


I like how people who think that because they have kids they should get special treatment. You basically starved your kids because you care more about yourself than them.

Why not reorder. Mistakes happen. Why starve your kids to prove a point.

Why make your kids cry to show them. You are a bad parent.


Haha you must have been one of the idiots working there today, my kids ate within 10 min of us leaving and they weren't crying, it would have taken another 20min at the least if we reordered. They told me that .

Expecting to have our order taken within 20min of sitting down and to start eating before an hour passes isn't expecting special treatment.

It's steak n shake not Red Lobster. I like how idiots who don't have children like to act like their idiotic opinions matter or make sense.


No I was not one of the people working there. Grow up.

Just because someone tells you that you are wrong does not mean they work there. Think before you post idiot.

What are the chances of someone whom you encountered going to see this. The whole point is they made a mistake get over it.


Also my kids were not crying because they were hungry. They were crying because they are stupid spoiled brats who wanted to to shake and shake.

They are crying because I hit them in anger over this incident. They were crying because I told them that I hope they were killed in a car accident on the way home.

I did not mean this but I was so angry at that time. I don't expect special treatment from being a parent just want good and fast service and for my stupid idiot kids to be on my side and behave themselves instead of behaving like idiots.


Thanks for apologizing! I appreciate it. Have a great day!


It is hard to get over this. When my ten and two year old started crying I just lost it.

I slapped my two year old and punched my ten year old in the face.I hardly ever get to see my kids. If I want to see my kids it has to be supervised. Now my mother is yelling at me because steak and shake made me so angry that I hit my kids. I told her to shut up and mind her own business.

My stupid kids asked my mother if they can go there after I leave I told them that they were idiots and if they went there after I left that I wound never visit them again. I told them that I wished they all died in a car accident on the way home. Imagine that the lady made me so angry at shake and steak with her poor service that I now cannot spend time with my kids until I am ready according to my own mother. The lady at shake and steak made me so angry that I told my mother and ten year old and two year old that I hope they die in a car accident on the way home.

BEcause they forgot all about me I hurt them both physically and emotionally. This is not red lobster but steak and shake Should have had faster service. If I did not have an issue with them I would not have slapped and punched my hungry kids for crying.

Instead of blaming them for making them angry my mother is blaming me. BTW my stupid ungrateful kids are lucky many kids end up in foster care when someone reports "abuse" they got to stay with my stupid mother and they are all not considered family if they go back to shake and steak I would disown my own kids and emincipate myself from my mother if she ever went there again.

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