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Tried for over an hour to place an order but no response from employees that was there. Happened at 3:49am till 5:03.

No one answered the phone either this steak n shake has times posted on windows doors and internet stating they are open and failed to comply. Then tried to call corporate to see about resolving the issue and again no answer for over 28 minutes and the phone disconnected.

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I think that Steak and Shake should have a "National Feed The Homeless & Hungry Day" and set up huge tents where they give out free meals and drinks to the impoverished and underprivileged. They could even have treats for the guest's "Service Animals" and no documentation would be required to bring along your animal. They could probably even get some nice celebrities like Oprah Winfrey to sponsor the event.


So you expect that you are going to get something for free because YOU are too lazy to get off your backside? Yeah life doesn’t work that way.

If they are busy and the phone is just ringing then YOU KNOW that they are going to handle the people in front of them paying cash. Those customers have taken the time to go into the store and place their order. We all only have your word that you wished to order food. You could have been calling your babies momma or daddy.

You could be crank calling them to harass them. There are half a dozen reasons you could have been calling that have nothing to do with ordering food.

So you really can’t play that card. You wasted your own time in a attempt to call them.

to Durpa #1620900

Really? I said in my original post I was sitting in the drive thru trying to call them...

wow people do not know how to read or comprehend what is actually said so making comments about being lazy is complete bs...

some people should keep their own opinion to themselves... smh

to Anonymous #1620948

Actually no where in your post do you claim you were waiting anywhere. Nor do you imply you we’re waiting.

The internet has NO TELEPATHY!!!! All the information all of us have is what YOU CHOSE TO POST!!! If you can’t be clear in your post then how is anyone going to know? Secondly why did you wait to place a order for well over a hour?

The common sense thing to do would have been to drive up to the window and knock on it.

Sorry but you wasting time for over a hour in the drive thru is on you. Maybe use that diploma for more then a decorative picture and use adjectives to describe the situation more accurately.

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