South Bend, Indiana
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Hi, I'd like to make a complaint towards Nesse at the steak n shake on grape rd. Store 226.

I witnessed the manager pulling up and cussing at an employee for closing the store down because she decided not to show up for work. The employee had to close the store down because no manager was present, thee employees Sheila and Adela couldn't clock in and were basically working for free, Sheila could not make transactions at the registers because the manager was not present with her numbers to clock in, the employee that helped us inside was very upset with how the store was left from the previous night before which is very understandable regarding the fact that the store was short staffed. I have called corporate multiple times and have left many messages. Will be contacting District Manager when the opportunity arrives.

In all honesty, the employee did the right thing and brought up valid points and was laughed at in the face by thee general manager. Very disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The manager in Tyler TX not train to be manger they need some help and need to get new manager they expect for this one lady to keep there place together we came in one day and catch this one lady doing everything once again everything and they watchedher she was holding her back complaining how bad she was hurting but she will have our food out the manager fussing and yelling at her because she stating how bad she feels the young lady was getting used they slaving her had her cleaning out septic tanks and everything she even had to plugged in the shake area which that's not her duties I got served a burger in the drive thru that wasnt made correctly they took the burger back and added what was supposed to be on there instead of remaking it gave me back the cold burger then when I asked for my money back they turned around and had a fuss about it only gave me money for a dry cold burger not the full meal I sat there waiting over a hour til there GM came and she gave me a look like she wanted to beat my *** so reminder watch what you eat the service is bad manger not wearing hair nets and fixing food and not wearing gloves is very nasty


Steak n Shake is a very poorly run company.

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