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Bobby Caldwell frequently ridicules this Asian server by making fun of her ethnic features such as large head size. He resorted to calling her names such as "big-head." He has made other derogatory comments about her and has laughed at her shortcomings in front of customers.

He is ridiculing and bullying a child despite being old enough to be her father or grandfather. This is very uncomforting. Many people in Kirkwood agree Sunset Hills Steak n' Shake has a racist vibe. This happened at 1525 S.

Kirkwood Rd, Sunset Hills, MO At this same Kirkwood/Sunset Hills branch, Erma Livingston ordered the Asian server to go back to China, causing the customers to become silent and stare in shock. The manager and other staff have made derogatory remarks about her race as well. Michael Kimble, one of the production workers, kept calling her Hong Kong. Every time this would happen, customers would turn around and stare.

They came here for a pleasant meal, not this mess. When this was reported to Linda Schimpf, the general manager, she stood there dropping her jaw for 4 seconds, then ordered the Asian server to go home, making threats of termination and blacklisting from employment at Steak n' Shake if she ever reported the racist comments against her Asian Heritage. Linda is silencing her from speaking up about her own abuse. Many workers are complaining about the racist abuse against her but fear losing their jobs if they speak up.

Bonnie Polk, the one manager who joined in on the racial slurs, had recently called her retarded and tore money that was in her hands. She sang the words "You so stupid" to the Asian server. The Asian server frequently receives minor physical violence and threats at work. Other physical infractions she received were from Allison Lee Farmer, a former service trainer who made sexual and romantic advances on the Asian server.

Whenever the Asian server refused her advances, Allison informed the management she was being disrespectful and they clocked her out each time as a result. Other servers who wanted more income would join in and complain to the management imaginary offenses. The management would give away her tables to someone else. However when the Asian server complained a server was giving away her income and tables against her will, the management did nothing and told her to allow the other servers to take away her tables so she could have less income.

When this was reported to Human Resources, the staff member told her to "not complain about every little thing" because it is similar to the story "The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf." The Asian server gave up and issued a cease and desist as well as verbal warnings of contacting law enforcement. She filed a report against Allison with Kirkwood, MO police department. Additional action is being taken with Sunset Hills police department for Allison Lee Farmer's sexual comments towards a minor working at Steak n' Shake as well as making attempts to invite minors and women in their early 20s to her house for a slumber party. She was distributing white pills and cornering the Asian server, obsessively pursuing her despite the fact that she was not ***.

The management need to apologize for putting our children in such a dangerous situation in the first place. Customers have came up to the Asian server to apologize for her negative treatment at work and did not come back to patronize this location. Some have even complained to the management about the excessive cruelty she receives on a regular basis. The management still refuse to acknowledge the harassment is a legitimate ethical concern and allowed abuse until the server became very ill from stress and malnutrition.

Her health is continuing to fail and she risks passing away if this continues. She is receiving assistance from Loaves And Fishes in St. Louis, however her health is continuing to deteriorate at a rapid rate. She is an avid volunteer for church-based charities and previously a donor for food pantries including the charity she is receiving help from.

At Montford of Dallas, Texas, there is Asian discrimination in Steak n' Shake as well. " Kelly Smith August 27, 2017 at 6:59 pm We (my family and friends) love the food from Steak n Shake and we normally have pleasant experiences except at two different times specifically from that one location. First incident happened about couple weekends ago at Montford of Dallas, TX… I don’t remember the exact date now, I overheard a conversation (they were talking too loud) from a group of servers hanging out near the kitchen area using foul language and discriminatory comments against one particular server. It sort of bothered me with their type of language against their coworker because she seemed to be such a nice lady so I mentioned it to somebody who was in charge of that place, hoping they would resolve any negativity.

On August 26th, I went in with my friends to eat at that same place and we were appalled of what we saw! There were screaming and yelling against that poor coworker, the same person they were talking bad things about, in front of everyone and we literally lost our appetite! I felt so bad watching the whole incident and it was clearly she was confused from the sudden outburst and very upset, and she seems such a nice and hardworking Asian lady. I don’t know if that crazy lady had hormones acting up but that is not an excuse to mistreat with your malicious words and actions at your coworker or anybody at your workplace.

No decent human being deserves that! We were all just appaled and the rest of us couldn’t finish the food so we left. Customers want to come and dine in at a pleasant stress-free environment and enjoy their delicious food!" Source: Why does Asian American discrimination go UNPUNISHED? We are fed up with Steak n' Shake staff not acknowledging how dangerous they are making their workplace for everyone.

We are fed up with them not taking our complaints seriously and putting everyone, especially the minors, at risk. You have already wasted your chances to the point that legal action had to be pursued against the offending employees working for you. You are not going to terminate the good, hard-working, innocent employees for something that was not their fault. They are not the problem.

The customers love them and they made such a large profit for you. You are going to let them stay and we are going to make sure those who permitted this abuse against our children will either change or leave.

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The Asian server needs to get an attorney and sue.

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