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Steak n' Shake is known for punishing hard workers and rewarding their favorites that happen to be lazy. Just look at how they treat the very nice Asian server at 1525 S.

Kirkwood Rd, Sunset Hills, MO Steak n' Shake. The management and workers shout racist comments at her in front of the dining room floor, ordering her to "go back to China," causing the customers to stare in shock. This is not acceptable. The offending workers are Bonnie Polk (manager), Bobby Caldwell, Erma Livingston, and Michael Kimble at store #160 If you want to support the server, donate to Loaves And Fishes in St.

Louis, MO. She used to donate and volunteer there and is receiving services from the charity.

Customers have complained several times about her treatment and nothing was ever done. The lazy, FAT, employees harass her into doing their work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Manager.

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