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First, we pull up to order and the gentleman order taker could not find the button for a vanilla m&m milkshake and then he couldn’t find the chili button so someone else came to help him. We pull up to the window and they hand me a medium vanilla m&m milkshake when I asked for a small.

I told her and she said, “oh well.” Then we were immediately asked to pull in to a parking spot and they would bring the food out. Ten minutes later I have to unbuckle my daughter out of the backseat to go inside and find out why we didn’t have our chili, salad and frisco burger. The manager comes over and gets my receipt and asked the drive through where my food is. She doesn’t know but I see the salad sitting on the side.

They make the frisco burger and hurriedly get the chili. No nothing from the manager except, “Here you go.” I will never go back!!!!

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