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It will when the person is fired. I will not eat in your restaurants ever until your company steps up and learned how to hire people with disabilities.

My cousin does not deserve to be discriminated against because it she cannot read no person has the right to tell her she cannot work there's not a single job in your restaurant that she could not do. And she would probably be more polite than most of your servers and employees in the restaurants that you have I think your whole company needs to do a whole revamping of how you treat your customers

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Sorry but no reading means no job. It’s a BASIC SKILL.

How about YOU teach her to read. May I suggest “Where the Wild Things Are” it was my first book. You know actually help your cousin to improve themselves. Not being able to read in a society that is based on using the written word for practically everything isn’t wise.

Teach don’t whine. Whining is for babies and politicians.

to Durpa #1481502

You need to be updated to this century. Its called American's with disabilities act.

Look up.

Its narrow mind lazy *** people like you, that have messed this country up. No she dose not have to work but she choose to work, because she was raised the right way.

to Catherine #1481638

And reading is required to work period.

to Catherine #1489525

" American's with disabilities act."An act that allows junkies to claim their use is a disease making it harder to fire them. An act that make is so an entire office has to deal with someone with chronic flatulence... I could go on...I know a guy just like this who is now on disability because he can't read and expected everything to be drawn(characters) out, on a piece of paper in the order things needed to be done.

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