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I went to a steak and shake on 9/29/14. My step father and I sat down to eat lunch, first the waitress was extremely slow and rude.

Secondly I ordered a shake and French fries, my stepfather ordered the Cheese Mac which was supposed to include spaghetti beef beans onions and cheese. Well the food that was put on our table was cold and the cheese Mac did not look anything like what was described by the waitress. My stepfather ain't one or two bites and could not eat it due to it being disgusting. I happen to love all food and did want the meal to go to waste so even though it tasted horrible I did finish the meal.

I then went to pay at the front counter. In the minute that was paying there was a whole swarm of flies that had took over my fries and in my shake. I told the waitress and she said there is nothing she can do. So several hours pass and me and my stepfather started feeling ill.

My stepfather since eating only two bites only suffered minor illness. However me eating entire meal become horrendously Ill, resulting in two days in the hospital with food poising. It took over a month to get over the physical symptoms. I'm still suffering from the mental symptoms from this horrendously traumatic experience.

The company took responsibility for the inability to provide sanitary safe food. They started a claim for me with there insurance company Gallaher Bassett Services Inc. they have done nothing but drag there feet in doing there duties of paying bills and providing the compensation for pain in suffering which they already had told me they will be paying for those items and suffering.

Now that they have the required info from hospital with records they are not calling back. So long story short don't go to steak and shake because it's clear they have no respect for the customers health and safety.

Reason of review: Poisoned by food and now they admit it but won't pay for damages..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Life threatining illness.

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Nice try but food poisoning does not take affect that fast. So what is it you were aiming for, a free meal?

Revenge after getting fired? It seems like your stepfather was hospitalize for something else and you are trying to find fault because you cannot afford to pay the bills.

Or I could be wrong, perhaps you are making this up because you were fired. Before you make a claim do some research on it.

to Anonymous #1509510

This comment has no merit. How do you know ANONYMOUS that this person worked at that Stake N Shake and was fired?

Also, Dr. ANONYMOUS how d you know when a person's body would react to food poisoning.

This statement is as disgusting as the complaint. My name is Nora Vance, from Ohio ....SMH


Gallagher Bassett manages workers comp cases too. They act like anything they pay out is coming out of their personal account.

Their usual businesses practice is to put off paying anything by lying and ignoring your claim until you get fed up and take care of the bills yourself.

Get a personal injury attorney and let him or her deal with GB and earn you a decent settlement. And even if they take 35% of a settlement...35% of something is better than 100% of nothing!

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Ok first of all I have to ask the obvious, why in the wide wide world or sports did you eat the chit your father was telling you was *** juice???? Next thing you need to do is call your local health inspector, and file a report.

This will cause an inspection to happen. Make sure you get all the past inspections, and the one they will do when you call them. This will become very important later. Next, remember the insurance company that said they will take care of you?

Well hello, they won't its a good bet that they are just a shaudy as the hog trough you just ate from. You can expect deception, and lies, they are not in the business to pay people. That is why you need the previous inspections and the one they will do, take that info to the BBB, and your local news. And then file a civil law suit.

Try to get a lawyer that specializes in this type of suit. DO NOT sign or accept anything from the insurance company as that will make your settlement terms complete on their end, and you will lose everything. In fact break all contact from the insurance company right NOW. They specialize in trickery, and will get you to accept something or sign something that lets them and the hog trough off the hook.

Good luck and please from here out watch what you put in your mouth. :)

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