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We just visited the restaurant in Athens’s Georgia With two other couples. They had ordered drinks before we arrived.

We all ordered food together and she told us she would be back with our drinks after she placed our order. We sat and talked for at least ten minutes (please review the video) and my husband went to the bathroom and on his way back she was taking to the cooks. So he asked her if we could get our drinks. She told him she was placing our order.

He replied ok well it’s been about ten minutes. A guy at the register popped off it ain’t been that long! When she brought our drinks she told us “I told you I had to put in your order first and then I would bring your drinks and since you were so rude I am having somebody else take over your table! I was so embarrassed in front of our friends I got up and walked out’ the guy behind the counter told my husband if he had a problem with it we could take it outside!

My husband is 50 years old!

From outside I saw the waitress and two cooks shoving the guy out the side door! As my husband wxiyed the two cooks came back out to control the guy!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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