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I have some video.i went into your Resturant on Monday July 22,2018. In your vero location. The restaurant was so busy I received the worst take out experience. The cashier/ hostess couldn’t get to me I had to chase her down. She took my order I guess someone can’t listen: or really read. It really wasn’t her. My food cam I know always know to check it out it was wrong. I tried to get some help not enough staff of course. I had told tell I was traveling and have dogs in the car. So they decided to re make them because I have Never Ever saw a hamburger so small fallin apart. REALLY!! I asked for lettuce and tomato which I understood it didn’t come with. But that was ok even if they charged me, it got so bad I had no room to make my own burgers the French fries fell on the floor then the manager finally came over I tried to explain it to him no name tag on I had to ask for his name Don. He handed me 3 plai burgers with these plastic containers with all the condiments with out any plastic . I was so up set. There was a line out the door to pay and be setted I was asked do I mind if she took the customers money while forgetting me. Anyway I had to use my finer to speed mayo on the burgers and open packs of ketchup put the pickle lettuce tomato on theses while my husband keep calling me on my cell phone I couldn’t even answer cause my hands were so filthy I couldn’t find a napkin the several in the bag I had to wipe off my hands,Then the manger throws up bags throws down $10 .00 and said go, and I paid almost $12.00 not the point. This fiscal ruined my new blue $ 25.00 shirt stained I can’t get out . I am so angry I can’t even explain this any more. I want a new shirt. I need you to make this right. I am steaming writing this. I do expect a response thank you

Lynne sachs

4120 Beech Ave

Palm Beach Gardens Fl 33410


Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Hamburger.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $28.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Read it get back, Bad service, Rude staff, Had to ask for napkins, Super slow service.

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Why did you put your personal and physical address on a public site? That really wasn't very smart.What's a FINER and how do you SPEED mayo?? Just asking.

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