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Dining at the steak and shake and Schererville Indiana located on Indianapolis Boulevard on there was a training we should you tell me she was a trainee but she came over with a tray of drinks by herself, which she did not properly put the drinks down the fruit punch spilled all over the table including my son‘s pants as well this is Jim shoes. I am upset because of the way they handle it for One the manager did not even come over to speak with us I myself had to get up and ask for the manager they were aware that it’s built on they weren’t trying to make any accommodations for us I had to myself go over and ask for the manager and she said the only thing she could do was give us a free meal however they ruined shoes and as his jeans

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Manager.

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I am sure that they are smart, they just never had anybody learn them how to read.


You are illiterate.

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