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Update by user Feb 09, 2018

It wasn't, I just have more important things in my life. However when this company fails and it will, I will be there with popcorn to watch it burn.

Update by user Feb 06, 2018

Still no word from the establishment, but a few have spoke there minds and apparently I'm in the wrong. I suppose if I had not mentioned the trans part you would be on my side right?

I don't get it, someone pays for a service like everyone else and when they don't get the same as everyone else it becomes an issue. Yet when it happens to me I'm supposed to chalk it up as my fault?

And you wonder why we're pissed off. Maybe you should give us our own water fountains.

Original review posted by user Feb 04, 2018

Hello my name is Alice. Off the bat I'd like to mention that in my thirty years, this is my first written complaint of a company.

Just so you have an idea of how much I was effected. I am open male to female transgender, and as you can imagine I get quite a bit of attention. But it's never been a real problem, even as a cashier dealing with people all day. Except when I am in Steak n shake.

Three occasions has led to me feeling ashamed of myself by the time I leave the place. The waitresses stare as if I'm extraterrestrial and debate on who is going to wait on me, this was confirmed by my gf who happened to overhear it. When the one who gets the short straw comes to the table they stand back like I have leprousey. It's also hard to enjoy a meal when people in back of house are looking at you and snickering.

I wonder if my food was tampered with? It may be hard to believe but I'm honest when I say this is the only establishment I receive this treatment.

I tried to give the benefit of the doubt to just individual ignorance, but like I said this has happened three times consecutively. Thank you for hearing me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

Reason of review: Ignorance and prejudice .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Quality of the food.

  • Negative Attitude
  • Transhate
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Isn’t this still America? I’m not seeing in your tale any discrimination just you think they are.

By your own admission they have done nothing directly to discriminate against you and it’s what you think is happening. Any proof other then your suppositions? If not it must be so nice to stomp on their rights just because you think you are being discriminated against. Where’s your proof of any wrongdoing on their part.

A video or picture of you being discriminated against would lend credibility to your claims.

It’s awful easy for people like you to say you were a victim when there is no crime. Easy to sit back and attack another’s rights and livelihood on the web.

to Anonymous #1430751

How would you like it if someone laughed at you while you were trying to eat? What your saying means nothing you just dont like transgender people.

Your no better than the resteraunt.

Alice, you should have continued the claim. No one should deal with that no matter who they are.

to Anonymous #1430769

Excuse me but I am a Zeitgeist, does your thick head know what that is? Probably not.

In lamen terms I'm a civil rights activist. How do you feel about yourself now?


I hope the restaurant makes a formal apology but even more than that, I hope their HR works with employees. This event, as described, involves multiple levels of bullying, not only of the guest which is intolerable as well as bad business, but also apparently of the staff on the lowest level of the hierarchy. I wouldn't trust eating in this establishment.

to Dianna M #1457400

Psh they have no HR from the couple occasions ive had some horrible service, im guessing is pretty lax there and hard to find employees so they let them say/do whatever they want!


Have you ever stopped playing the victim long enough to think about how you affect others? Just because you are comfortable with your gender swap doesn’t mean others are.

Of course you will say they can deal with it but it’s not like you drag around a psychologist with you to help THEM deal with what YOU represent. I’m all for ppl being who they are, but to expect that your fellow humans are going to just accept you is the highest flight of fancy. Maybe YOU should reach out instead of lashing out. Go in and make friends.

If you want ppl to accept you then you have to give them something to accept. They need to see you as a real person and not someone to run away from.

to Anonymous #1428129

As I said this is the only place posing an issue and therefore it stands to reason the problem is not with me. I don't give a {{redacted}} if people accept me, but I will be treated like other patrons.

I feel you commented just to comment. This Isn't about personal views it's about customer service

to alice1988 #1428234

And btw, Ive never needed or will need a psychologist. Your gal astounds me.

to alice1988 #1429063

Not sure how someone equates asking for equality is the same as asking for special treatment. The fight for social justice and Interexional equality is what it always has been, people asking if you would please stop killing/attacking/insulting them just for breathing air.

I really feel sorry for hateful people, they live such miserable lives.

to alice1988 #1428931

Typical militant LGBT mentality. Accept me or face my displeasure.

Dude get over yourself. If you look strange then you will get strange looks! It’s obvious you do care what others think or you wouldn’t be so angry.

They are right you are a part of the world and have your part in it but you cannot expect everyone to accept you. That is silly and an expectation that can’t be met.

to Anonymous #1428938

Do you not know how to read? I don't care if they accept anything.

I paid same as everyone else, I expect to get treated the same. If you don't understand that your either young, dumb, or purposefully being hateful

to Anonymous #1429126

How can you suggest that a patron not accept equal treatment??? And just because the guest was describing herself humbly doesn't mean you should suggest that she looks strange.

There was a time when a woman wearing pants was viewed as strange, or a black person, a native person, a child with alopecia or cerebral palsy....

She's not asking for anything personal when she went into the restaurant, just to be treated with the usual amount of respect. I don't know who you are, but I'd suggest you follow your own advice, Anonymous - get over yourself.

to Anonymous #1429061

I'm sorry you have no education in social justice issues. This is hate speech.


They disallowed a transaction because my name on their paperwork was tom and my legal name is Thomas.

to turk7777 #1428015

They are odd in many ways. I don't know where they get their employees.

to turk7777 #1429057

That's just absolutely terrible customer service. I work in a call center and we just assume people abbreviate/don't abbreviate, and look under both options before bothering the person to explain that to us. I have a shitty database to look for names in, they have a person standing in front of them with an abbreviated name and decide they don't want your money?

absolutely horrendous

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