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i went into the store this am at 7 and the cook said the server left at 5 and he has no code to do a sale and open the register so if i wanted breakfast it would have to be free. i left and went to paneras however i felt sorry for him as he was trying to do the right thing.

someone needs to clean this rats nest out as it is the worst managed one i have been at and i was going 2-3 times a week and now maybe once a month because of the way this is run the inmates are running the asylum always out of something or another cream dollar potatoes and spaghetti most recent?????????? this is a very busy area this time of the year and all the locals i talk to will not go there for the aforementioned reasons you are losing $$$$$$$$$

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Same problem about 1:30am... Locked doors say "Open 24 Hours".

Employees are not working nside but just ignore me at the door.

The drive through is lit up but I sat there for a really long time and no one answered. Finally I gave up & went to Whataburger next door.

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