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I have been a loyal and faithful customer since growing up in NW Indiana in the 1940s-1960s. We have enjoyed the Valdosta Ga and Tallahassee Fl stores for many years, I usually buy gift cards because of the convenience, however I purchased 3 cards which got misplaced during moving from a large house to a smaller apartment after the kids left and my wife and I retired.

Recently we found our long lost cards. A couple of days ago we went to our Tallahassee SnS and enjoyed our dinner. Upon paying our bill with the cards we had found, we learned that there was no value remaining on the 3 cards due to service fees. We thought there was no expiration date (per law) and fail to understand how you can so quietly charge off the way demonstrated.

To put your rule in the fine print and not generally make notice to purchasers is wrong.

I am 83 y/o and my wife is 74 y/o. YOU HAVE LOST LONG TIME CUSTOMERS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Gift Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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SEEMS THEIR GIFT CARDS GET HACKED PRETTY OFTEN. I had not used mine since purchase date, six months later , tried to use and learned the entire balance taken ......Corp finally advised be it had been hacked.

Am SUPPOSED to get money back in two weeks, we will see.

I would have expected a"token" from such a large Company, since they admit their records were hacked. It was very awkward being declined at the restaurant.


So what you’re saying is that you didn’t read the fine print until you were forced too. Typical!!

Your age has nothing to do with the issue. It doesn’t matter how old you are because the maintenance fees happed regardless. When you purchased the cards you agreed to the terms of service. You cannot NOW whine about it because YOU MISPLACED THE CARDS!!!!

You chose NOT to read and in doing so lost money. One would think that at your age you would have the wisdom to KNOW that nothing is free except air and sunlight. In knowing this fact you should have expected the fees. Given the amount of time involved from purchasing the cards to using the card you should have expected no money.

And please let’s see you use your age to argue the fact that not only is there a number on the back of the card to call but that you can also get your balance as well. I’m guessing you’re one of those people who have skated through life being able to blame others for what is clearly your responsibility. Sad really. I’m guessing you missed being part of the greatest generation.

It really does show. How about just admitting you never read the information and now feel like a complete fool because you were embarrassed in public and you want to punish them for your foolishness. See that wasn’t hard to do.

I’m betting if you ever did admit fault you would just stroke out. Next time read the information provided to you BEFORE you purchase the cards.

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