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Meanwhile in Michigan

Steak N Shake Waitress in Ypsilanti, Michigan refused service to mother and children. But provide service to white guy......

It’s more videos

This needs to stop, kids should never be left feeling ashamed nor denied service because the color of their skin

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Legal .

Steak N Shake Pros: Finally leaving.

Steak N Shake Cons: Bad management.

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I need to point this out about this reviewer. This reviewer has changed the dates onto when that this has happened.

That is proof enough that she has lied and fabricated details. And onto the top that she is mentally unstable with the comments she is leaving others. this is another bad and sad reviewer playing the race and entitlement card.

i feel so bad and sad for the employees and managers that have to deal with her. No employee or manager needs to deal with a liar and fabricator.


I am going to say and state something about this reviewer. this reviewer is a liar and fabricator.

She has been making death threats onto others and is a fraud. There are always two sides to the story. This reviewer started recording after causing a scene.

This reviewers comments have been filed to the police. She is playing the race card.


Agreed with you.. This reviewer is full of bs. She has made many false claims and reviews.


this is the reviewer. you white people need to stop deleting my comments.

maybe learn what blm mean. clearly you don't.


If you keep accusing people of racism one day someone will take you to court.


Agreed. The person who posted the original BS did not include all pertinent details!


Reviewer here. do you need details onto how someone has hired me to butcher you to death?

you have five days to lives. I am getting alot of money to murder you!


please beware of Tom and Ashlyn onto here. They are part of a racist group! They are internet trolls!


ashlyn Qho here. i have vodoo dolls with your names onto it.

You're all dead. i am starting to see alot of b people being racist.


Just to let you know I reported the threat from the so called reviewer to the police. They take this sort of thing seriously and are investigating.


And people are investigating you. Because you're lying and fabricating details.

nobody is going to listen to you.

Especially when you admitted what you did. #bigot!"


If I recall the customers were not denied service because they are black. It was because they were not wearing a mask and claiming discrimination. They somehow forgot to mention this.

@Tom Levanti

Actually this happened way before covd 19. Nice try though.


A whitey looked at me cross-eyed... WAAAHHHHH!

I am a victim!

No, you are volunteer trying to manipulate to get things for free, your way for free, because you are a P.OS. and that goes for ANY race, whites included!


so what. you didn't end yur life already/ what a bumber i was rooting for you to do so!


You are a horrible and terrible person to think like this! Cleary you know people have reported you to the cops and to the website.

@Tom Levanti

The only thing that people recall is a racist person like you. Clearly you are pretty pathetic!

It's people like you are part of the problem. So much hate and arrogance! I am wondering what your parents would think with the way you're acting.

Maybe they are part of the problem to. The apple does not fall to far from the tree.


No one is making excuses about skin color. You are imagining things.


people have reported you for who you really are. Don't know how many times you need someone to explain that to you.


why bother to bring skin color into this? for your sake i am hope and praying someone knocks you out and you don't recover.

i already hired someone to take you out. if that does not work there are always voodoo dolls. I know all about where you live and where you work.

that's a promise. If i were you i would be very worried about leaving your house.

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