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Meanwhile in Michigan

Steak N Shake Waitress in Ypsilanti, Michigan refused service to mother and children. But provide service to white guy......

It’s more videos

This needs to stop, kids should never be left feeling ashamed nor denied service because the color of their skin

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Legal .

Steak N Shake Pros: Finally leaving.

Steak N Shake Cons: Bad management.

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@Tom Levanti



all liver matter dummies. u people must be b.....just like the reviewers.

b people always cause havoc. like i am saying all lives matter 4ver except for black.


To the person that is using the term "All lives matter." Please stop. You're lying and fabricating details.

It proves how narrow minded and shallow you are. Grow up! You got caught. that's onto you.

Not everybody else. BTW, the racist comments are coming from you while you're playing the victim when you're the racist, the one throwing the racist comments around!

Get a life! BTW, everybody knows who this really this!


No comments are racist. ALL LIVES DO MATTER/


i hope and pray you get thrown into jail or get run over by cops. I would love to hear your bones breaks CLeary this review is about black lives matter.

and clearly you're saying you're not okay with them protest! Cleary i would pay to see you people get mistread by cops!


This is the reviewer. going to make you turn up dead either way.

i've been plotting this for years. Unless if you want your company what you do onto your time while you're at work.

I wonder what your company would think if they see the pictures i have of you. This is blackmail.


It's so bad and sad to see that one that is saying "All lives matter." is a real racist. And we have comments proving this.

And that they don't understand how arrogant that sounds. This person was not taught from right and wrong. I'm blaming and shaming this person's parents.

They should of kept their legs closed and not of had this person! Everybody needs to support black lives matter and the racists need to be locked away.


But all lives are important. You should be locked away.


and you deserve cancer and covd 19! hope and pray it's terminal!




This webpage is about black lives mater and the way they are being treated and yet your comments proves how arrogant rude and racist you really are. so stop acting like you're anybody special or important.

because you're not. i am going to let you know nobody gives a s...about people like you.


Not all black people play the race card. by you saying that.

that is really hurtful! Your comment above has been marked as reported.


To: The Reviewer. I am so sorry to hear and see what you're going through.

Just to let you know people are behind you and love you with a lot of support. We are reporting the racist comments into this section.


It turned out that the reason they were denied service was because they were not wearing a mask. IT had nothing to do with them being black. They are just claiming that.


What racist comments.


The refusal of service has nothing to do with race. They were not wearing a mask. That is why they were refused service.


BLACK LIVES MATTER. The racists need to be stopped and arrested!


ALL LIVES MATTER! Racism from ALL people needs to stop!


Everybody knows if you're saying that. Then you're racist yourself.

So stop using that term. You're not fooling anybody!


racist/trolling comments!

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