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Meanwhile in Michigan

Steak N Shake Waitress in Ypsilanti, Michigan refused service to mother and children. But provide service to white guy......

It’s more videos

This needs to stop, kids should never be left feeling ashamed nor denied service because the color of their skin

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Legal .

Steak N Shake Pros: Finally leaving.

Steak N Shake Cons: Bad management.

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Well. It's so clear you need to seek mental help for the way you're thinking. So much hate and arrogance!


So much hate and arrogance! If you're going to body shame someone you're going to need mental help.

It's so clear people like you are so rude and arrogant. And nobody needs to deal with people like you!


Agreed. It's so bad and sad to see anybody do that to anybody!


My issue is we was refused service for no reason. This is about being treated with respect Level of education has nothing to do with proper and professional customer service.

That’s what wrong with the world. These same type of people is the ones who would spit in someone’s food or serve your meals on a dirty plate. You know the problem with society is people will turn they’re head quick and say it’s okay until they’re done wrong too. I had the right to confront what they was doing and I spent my money else where.

I guess it was our fault to choose to exit off the highway at this restaurant.

Just be mindful of everyone stop eating out because of rude customer service experience, they’re the ones who would be out of a job. IJS


Actually. You're lying and fabricating.

You did not show the whloe video. This is why most megros are ignored.


Looks like you don't really watch the video. And it looks like you don't know understand not every customer plays the race and entitlement card.

There is plenty of evidence of the workers not serving them for no reason. It's so bad and sad you're using a racial slur while making assumptions and accusations about others. Especially when you're putting the blame and shame onto good customers from the video only asking for their food and them not getting served. It's a two way street.

Everybody needs to respect everybody! Duh!


But they were playing the race card. They did not show the whole video. They are not telling what happened before service was refused.


You again? Don't you got nothing better to do than to judge others?

Guess Not.

Get a life and a hobby. Unless if you want someone to put you into your place!


The whole point is they are paying the race card. Also why are you bragging about how you prey on children?


The point is that people like you should be sentenced to jail. We all know how much of a terrible and horrible, disturbed and mentally challenged person you are.

Let's not forget how many profiles you have. Let's hope that the cops throw your *** into jail.


You prey on children. You need BUBBA to put you in place


It's so clear you are not watching the video. They recorded everything from not being served and not getting their food. It's is people like you are why people like you suck!


BTW. I almost forgot.

You want people to treat you like a megro. Then you're going to get treated like a megro. It's so clear you're playing the race and entitlement card. I hope most people like you learn into the future too keep your legs closed and not have children.

This is why i hate most megros, not all of them. Just the ones that play the race and entitlement card.


You're a very uneducated fool to make assumptions and accusations about others. And yet you're very rude and arrogant to be using a racial slur.


Agreed. So sorry this has happened to you. Nobody should go through that.


Yeah turn it into a race issue. Real mature. Good lesson to teach your children.


Umm. The issue is that that these customers were looking for their food that they ordered.

And they were not being helped or served. They did not turn this into a issue.

The employees and managers did by refusing to serve them Clearly you're not seeing how calm and collected they were until they were refused service. You're nothing but a cold hearted c who has nothing going for them.


You're so horrible and terrible. You're not allowed to make fake claims about false accusations!

You're the real predator here that is stating the same bs. And plenty of people are seeing you for who you are as a person! And they are have been evidence from the cops.

They are just waiting for you to slip up and catch you! !


I have found nothing about this alleged incident online.... I would be surprised if this were true because every Steak and Shake I've been to has been 100% staffed with blacks Steak and Shake has refused service to Trump supporters. I bet you aren't outraged about that though.


Actually not See what you fail to realize is she refused to provide service to myself and my children as well as she helped someone after us. But what one person political belief let alone any belief has nothing to do with disrespect.

My money spends just like everyone else.

Oh, by the way being a nurse I could never behave in this manner. It doesn’t matter what position you hold, professional is supposed to be carried at all times

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