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Went to your restaurant on Rt. 441, Leesburg, FL at 3:00 pm and had to wait to get a table because all tables needed to be cleaned off.

After waiting for a clean table we finally seated ourselves because there was no one seating anyone. My husband got us the menus. Had to wait again till a waitress came over to take our order. Waitress gave us water in the meantime.

Waited again. It wasn't till about 4:00 pm that the waitress came over to us and said our order was 2 behind. We were ready to walk out because of the long wait. We were told once before that the drive-ins get waited on first.

This is a poor policy as we are in the restaurant first and should be waited on first. We never got out of there till 5:00. Poor way of doing business. Spoke with the manager and complained as we paid for our food.

She apologized and said she was short on help and was training new girls because 7 of the waitresses quite on her. You should have a better system as I know other people in there was not happy with the wait time to get their order. We already walked out once and that was at breakfast. Place was empty and no one ever came up to us to even take a order or ask if we would like coffee.

You will be losing customers if this happens all the time. There are enough restaurants around that give better service but this is convenient to where we live.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Steak N Shake Cons: Wait time for getting seated, Wait time to receive order, Slowness, Delivery time, Service.

Location: Leesburg, Florida

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As a whole drive throughs are busier than the inside of restaurants. There is a possibility that the restaurant could have been short staffed for one reason or another when you were in there.

It also depends on what you ordered and how many other people ordered the same thing. Unless you go to a really formal place, you can expect these things to happen and they can even end up being short staffed at times.

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