December 11, 2013 Ate at the Steak and Shake in Sarasota Florida. Once again we had a horrific wait to be seated, have the order taken and receive our food.

The wait service was good as they were doing the best they could with what they had. When a facility is 10 plus deep with customers and has empty tables you would think that they would make sure to at least designate one person to seat the patrons and get them started with a beverage. Explain to them you are short staffed and that it will be a wait so you at least are acknowledged. I asked the server for the District Managers number and name which they supplied me gladly since they also hate working in these short staffed conditions.

I also gave it to a few other patrons in the store. See this type of service has been happening for at least a year consistently and so bad that one evening we left without getting seated or served. I lodged a complaint with corporate via the website and they responded within hours. I also received a voice mail (some of us work during the day) from the local manager apologizing and giving a sob story.

Had this been a one time thing but the excuse didn't fly this time. Long story short between very unprofessional texts and another voice mail from the manager I will only be dealing with corporate. Guess we will see how that goes. If there was another store close enough I would go.

Love the food but the management stinks. I will keep you updated if they actually respond or improve.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Facility.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #757633

Horrific wait? Do you even understand what is truly horrific?

Turn on the news drama queen, and see the suffering in the world. Maybe you won't be so quick to employ hyperbole over something so trivial as a wait time. And really, if the service is that bad, why keep going? They aren't going to change just because you say so.

Do you really think you are that special?

But you keep going just to have something to b**** about. Remember what Gomer says "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me a third time and I will whine on PC!"

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #757356

Either to cheap to hire staff....or pay *** and they leave...end result is the same......long wait times

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