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My wife and grandson and myself went to the stake and shake located on Monroe Street in Sylvania Ohio, The place was packed, we got our seat and preceded to wait. The waitress came over and took out order after setting there for over 15 minutes, after taking our order of which my grandson and I got the same thing (the double stake burger meal) after almost 30 minutes she brought out a meal and it was my grandsons burger as he ordered.

My wife and I again set for another fifteen minutes as the waitress then brought out my order again which was the same as my grandsons. I looked down and seen it was only a single burger and told the waitress, she then took it back to the cook and told him what it was supposed to be, now my wife is still setting waiting for a salad that she ordered at the same time we all ordered. The waitress brought out her salad now its been going on almost 45 minutes and myself still did not have my meal. Finely after almost and hour I get my meal the burger was then a double stake with Swiss cheese, now according to your menu the burger should of had lettuce, tomato onion and pickle, when I got the second burger back all it had was cheese and a little onion and none of the other condiments, I had a shake and buy one get one.

we finished eating and by now it 710pm I told the waitress we would pay our bill and wait up by the door for the shake, well what we stood there for another 20 minutes waiting I told the manager and he had to go back and raise his voice and told the kid to make it now, after he did that it was no more then 30 sec. and the manager was handing the shake to me. Now I may be wrong but I think the cooks and other people working in the back have no idea of what costumer service is or what it stands for. I don't want any thing in return for this complaint but it will be along time before I visit stake and shake in the future.

The manager and the waitress's were great the problem lies behind the scenes not out in the front.

thank you for hearing me out.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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