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even this site sucks. i wrote out the complaint in detail and then when i went to submit it it refused to submit until i signed up or in.

i don't mind but i lost the entire message i just spent my time writing. geeeesh. anyways i'll do it all over again. i want someone to know what i have experienced at steak and shake.

first i love the meals and the shakes. but what is it with the deplorable employee training and the obviously bad manager training as well. years ago when the orange park restaurant opened on wells road i enjoyed many meals there and i even dated one of the waitresses. i was away for 15 years and returned to the area in 2012 and now ate the regency mall restaurant in jacksonville florida........what the ......?

the meals were good but the employees are the worst example of bad attitudes i have ever witnessed in my 62 years and over 40 years of being self employed. why should i have to beg a employee to take my money when done? you stand at the cashier counter and stand there and they all just look at you like what do you want.....very weird. my girlfriend and i went to the same place a few more times and promise ourselves we would not go back and the last time i had to beg for another napkin then i had enough.

today my girlfriend and her 80 year old mother stopped in the orange park restaurant on wells road in orange park. when she came home the first thing she told me was her experience there today. they made her so upset by ignoring her mother to take the money she then told them just how rude and unprofessional they are, she even walked back to the table and picked up the tip she had left. is this really how some ......upper management person is allowed to train its employees?

i just can't believe no one has noticed. i am currently partially retired with a very fine example of how to run and deal with customers business for over 4 decades. for a small fee i would be willing to sit down with you managers to drill professional courtesy of handling of customers. any business the customer must come first.

there is more but maybe i am wasting my time maybe steak and shake just doesn't care or they are waiting on bankruptcy or ....what?

never seen anything like it. not in this country anyways.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Cashier.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Food.

I didn't like: Employees.

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You do realize this isn't the Steak n Shake website?


Pay peanuts - get monkeys.

But if everyone here is 62 ( I'm only 61 ) , they must remember that it was no better during our childhoods ; uninspired low paid employees make or break a place.

I could list dozens of once prosperous places that are but distant memories.


im 62 years old i am through wasting what ever years i have left standing at the cashiers counter watching as these young ignorant people stand there and look at you like .....we don't want your money???? or are they just what i thing they are, typical lazy misfits of todays society. i am baffled

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