Went to Steak n Shake in Chattanooga off of Gunbarrel Road. Was served by Steven with blonde hair and who we feel was racist towards us.

No smile, barely talked and just gave food and left while muttering what i think were racial slurs. We never have experienced that and we feel he should be terminated and the corporate office should not tolerate any type of hate in their establishments.

Being in the South, we have experienced racism but would rather my children not to be exposed to it in a "family" establishment. The server should be terminated and we should not be made to feel inferior in this day and age when we wanted to have a meal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You scream racism while shoveling garbage into your trap. Reality check please!!

At no point did you HEAR anything racist you only think it was racist because you did t hear them clearly. Did you stop and think that the poor employee might have been sick? Or tired from a double shift? No you THINK there is racism with no proof and expect them to fire someone because they didn’t lick your {{Redacted}}.

Do the whole world a favor and go pound sand you racist piece of trash. YOU are one of the reasons REAL racism gets ignored. Supposed people, like you, have cried wolf so many times in so many situations that no one takes your claims seriously anymore. YOUR insecurities are NOT the fault of one employee.


And yes anyone who spends so much time trying to play a victim IS !!! {{Redacted}}


The restaurant looks racist. Period.

They got pictures posted on the building of the 60's.

That's the same time black couldn't eat in the same restaurants as whites. The *** feels racist.


I got the same treatment. The waitress was racist. I will not be eating here no more

Laval, Quebec, Canada #1288887

You are libeling this person on a public website, because you "think" he was muttering something racist. You THINK?!!!

And you want him fired because "you think" he was saying something racist but you aren't sure. Oh and he has blonde hair. Here is what I think: I think you are racist against this "Steven with the blonde hair". I think you have an inferiority complex.

I think you probably perceive racism everywhere you go because you are a marginal human being. I think you need to reconsider your attitude towards others in life and get it together because you are currently a bad influence on your children.


Racism is still very real, and there's no doubt racism still occurs every single day. It's unfortunate that folks cry "RACISM!!!!!!" when it isn't warranted.

Yeah, you may have gotten a bad waiter at a garbage restaurant. The best of the best aren't exactly flocking to Steak N Shake.

What really stood out to me in your comment was this: "left while muttering what i think were racial slurs." That's a very big claim to make. To not only make those accusations, but also try to cost a man his job, it's sad that you don't even know what he said.

Wichita, Kansas, United States #1288772

Just because someone don't smile does not mean they are raciest. Sounds as if you were'nt being raciest because he has blonde hair. This racist bs is out of hand just smile and go about your day!

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