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Around 8:00 Saturday night (Jul 21)after waiting several minutes to be seated, we were surprised to not getting any kind of "welcome." A surly waitress finally came to the front, grabbed a couple of menus and said "just two?" turned her back and walked away. The whole place smelled like a locker room. We figured we should follow her but when she stopped at the table next to a crowd of people we politely asked to be seated across the empty side of remaining restaurant. Waitress flung the menus on the table and left. No offer for getting drinks, none of the usual pleasantries one typically expects.

The waitress retreated to a corner next to the kitchen(?) and joined the already loud conversation with several other employees. After a few minutes, The raucous laughter and actions of the employees became so loud my wife and I decided to leave and get something through the drive through using the app.

I went to our car

( WHY IS THE HANDICAP PARKING ALL THE WAY OVER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARKING LOT INSTEAD OF CLOSE TO THE MAIN ENTRANCE? ADA law does not stipulate a certain number of feet the entrance must be within, but does say that the parking spaces should be AS CLOSE AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE.)

After choosing our order through the app I went to place the order and the only option for pickup was 7:00AM the next day. WHY is that I can order stuff through the app at Chick Fillet or McDonalds for immediate pickup but not here?

We drove to the drive thru and placed the order. While waiting at the window we could hear the laughter coming from the horseplay between the staff inside. I could also see that NONE of the staff were wearing hairnets or any head-cover whatsoever. (I took a Picture of one but NONE wore cover.)

We received our order fairly soon after. I have been before to this same store and it seemed like it took way too long even if it’s you had to make it “fresh.” I truly love your hamburgers and have been a fan ever since I first ate them a few months ago. Although I will probably NEVER go back to that particular store, I will find another store to indulge. The service was fairly awful and from the glaring looks of disapproval from your predominantly black staff they have a problem with mixed couples.

Whatever the case it seems clear this store is in dire need of leadership and training at every level including courtesy, cleanliness, professionalism etc. The lack of this is a clear reflection of lack of management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Steak N Shake Pros: Food was great.

Steak N Shake Cons: Manager and several cooks did not have hats 2 times now, Almost everything about my visit tonight, Unsanitary conditions, Smells like a locker room dirty tables and floor, Unfriendly staff attitude.

  • rude employee
  • Poor Staffing
  • Horrible Staff And Service
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