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Service at this Mishawaka location used to be good. However, the last to visits have proven to be a mistake. The time to get seated in a nearly empty restaurant took way too long. Once seated, the process to actually get waited on also proved to be a long waiting process. Same goes for getting drinks after ordering.

As I sit here writing this, another family stands for a lengthy time to be seated.

A woman in a blue uniform who I am guessing is a manager is cooking on the grill without any type of hairnet.

What has happened to Steak and Shake?

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

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What happened was a stupid CEO rushed to the bottom and lowered prices to a public who doesn't want to pay what a burger is really worth. The managers told the CEO they are barely making it with $4.99 meals only to be told too bad.

All the can do now is short staff the stores and hope for the best. Want great service again, tell the man that you're willing to pay more for a good sit down meal and stop being cheap.

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