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When we were ready to order I had to actually find my waitress because she never came back after giving us water. By the time the food was ready, 45 minutes after we arrived, we had to have them bag it up and take it with us. I ordered 3 Way chili with cheddar cheese...
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I have been going to steak and shake most of my life and im in my mid 50s .I ordered the chili 3 times in a row .2 different stores and it has obviously changed for the worst. I ordered 3-way chili each time ..its watery or no sauce ..nothing like before. So i decided...
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ive been going to steak and shake as a kid and enjoyed every moment until this year.i get the chili 3 ways to go and they used to give me romano cheese. i dont get any cheese anymore and the chili 3 ways is drowning in a ketchup sauce. GROSS!!!! i live in St. Louis and...
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Anonymous It appears they have also stopped serving oyster crackers with chili. Got squares last 3 times. Been a fav since 70s. Love chilimac too!