Steak N Shake Chili Mac Pasta Reviews

Steak N Shake Chili Mac Pasta Review from Noblesville, Indiana
Today I went through the drive through at Steak and Shake in Noblesville, In. Not only did I NOT receive all my order I got a Chili Mac and got spaghetti with BEANS on it. OBVIOUSLY the cook has no idea what he is doing!! I had my 3 grand daughters with me, after a very long day of being in a wedding, once we got home I was not about yo turn around to get my CORRECT order. I wasted $17.00 on dinner that I didnt get but threw away my chili mac....
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Was informed yesterday that I could not get breakfast at 11:02, and that I could no longer get a large to go soda. I will not be back. This place has horrible service and always messes up my family's drive-through order. Also, hardly any chili on the chili mac. Stay away! I have been a loyal customer through frequent staff changes and training. They cannot keep good servers here, and many times customers have walked out. Tables are...
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I liked
  • Coke
I didn't like
  • Customer service