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Went in with a large group to the Alpine location today around 3. We sat and waited for about 25 min, and watched as the table next to us was served, even there, we had to even be greeted, at this point I found a server who was sweeping, and asked why we had not even been greeted, she replied with your server just got here, we were waiting for here to get here.

No sorry, no can i start you with drinks nothing. Basically our server was almost done with her shift so she ignores us, until the oncoming sever got there. Not a single person greeted us. When the new server got there she kicked but and took care of us, plus what looked like3 more tables she got left in a very fast and effective manner.

However i did not get the 25 wasted min back, and my husband who was in our group did not get to eat bc he had to leave and catch a flight. When I stated my concerns to a manager she appologized said of she does not know she cant fix it. Really?? No discount, no offer for our inconvience and wasted time.

No nothing?

However the oncoming server that we had was a rockstar and deserves a raise and a heck of an apology from her other servers for what they did. I served for years, i know they were waiting for their shift to end so they didnt want to deal with us.

In all the years i served, never would i have ever did this to a table.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did you give the restaurant plenty of advance notice you were coming with a large party? You did do that, right, so they could be prepared?!


No sweetie! Basically, you did not yet have a server, you got sat anyway though as they were expecting her.

Let me ask: Have you ever walked in restaurant and could see empty tables but yet were told there was a wait? Have you ever wondered why you couldn't be seated immediately? I will tell you why. It is because of complaints like this one.

When restaurants are short-staffed, waiting on servers to come in for their shifts, cooks are behind and need to catch up, most restaurants will give you a wait time, in order to allow overwhelmed staff to catch up. When they start caving in and going ahead and letting people be seated, they get complaints just like this one!!!

There are entire articles and websites that talk about this exact scenario! You are entirely in the wrong here!

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