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Ate at the brandon, fl. Location I won't go back the floor was so dirty does not look like they have cleaned the floor in months

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Maybe next time don't down a gallon of tequila, the five alarm chili dip, and detonate the bathroom and wonder why its such deplorable condition.Secondly, were you eating in the bathroom?

Spend a lot of time barefoot on those floors? Did you bring it to a manager's attention?

Of course not.

You are one of those dunces that gets keyboard muscles and squawks online rather than attending to the issue in a method that may actually yield results.

We've got another attention seeking moonbat here.

Oviedo, Florida, United States #925958

Actually, the floors they have look like that within n HOUR after scrubbing.They are porous, crummy floors.

SNS does floors 3 times daily. You can see its still white, and people have come in with muddy shoes. You are nitpicky.

Come back with a legitimate grievance, please...holy cow!NEXT!

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