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I placed an order in the drive thru and was told to pull over to the side to wait for my oder. After a 20 min wait I went inside to find out what was the cause of the delay.

I was told it would be another 10 minute wait. My order was finally brought to me. When I civilly complained about long delay I was told by the server that the manager had departed and things were not going well. He furthet stated that I should be more understanding.

As I was calmly voicing my issues, the young man just walked away.

It was the worse service I have ever encountered in my life. My order was placed in the drive thru at 0131hrs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Why would you voice your issues, calmly or not, to a non-managerial employee WHO COULD DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT YOUR "ISSUES"?!!!! I would have walked away from you too.

That is a major pet peeve of mine: customers who complain to employees who have absolutely zero control over what the customer is complaining about! Save your "issues" for someone in a position to actually do something about it! Contact an area manager.

Call Corporate. I know it was an annoying experience but complaining to that "young man" could do nothing to help you and all you were doing was detaining him from getting back to his job.

to Anonymous #1198413

It is my right as a customer to complain when the service is bad. The young man I complained to was the highest ranking staff member working.

He was the face of the company.

Nothing was done to rectify the situation, not even an apology. A pet peeve of mine is blowing off a customer guarantees that they will no longer be a customer.

to Anonymous #1198482

Bye Felicia!

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