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My husband and I were in the steak and shrank in Hendersonville this am where Angie who I always feel over does the fake niceness because my daughter was an employee there but the problem we had this morning was I asked for unsweet tea had to wait for it after she gave this long drawn excuse as to why she forgot to push the button then the eggs she brought to the table were burnt they were suppose to be cooked medium but were crunchy she just brought another egg to put on top well I put up with all of this than when we were ready Togo I asked for a cup for my tea. We waited and waited then she walks out in the dining room with her tray fulmo F drinks for her next two tables I get Miri tasking but don't forget the customers till they are gone.

So when she realized the others girl she asked who had totally ignored us when we first came in had brought a glass of tea she ran over and tried to get my tea I had made I had already told her not to worry about it but she insisted as if she was going g to force me to take it. Well I was pretty much over it until she sends my daughters a very long text message about she would refuse service to us if we came back in there that is where I have the problem I am Donna to find out the legalities of her actions and persue whatever I need to this lady thinks she owns this steak and shake apparently which I will be shire to tell everyone I know not to go there.

Because the management apparently allows this sort of thing. But I hope the company is better than than that

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Eggs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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