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This is my hamburger bun.

When I asked for a new bun not even for my order to be remade or any money taken off but just a new bun the manager freaked out on us and said that we always find problems when we come in and said that she refused to fix our orders from now on. What the heck!

It's not my fault u guys clearly burnt my bun anybody can see that. She went as far to say it wasn't there fault!

Well who's fault is it because it's clearly not mine! This always happens when I go to the Richmond Steak 'n Shake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Hamburger.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bronx, New York, United States #1229167

Have you considered cooking at home? It's a lot healthier.

And you'll save money.

And you can *** to your spouse instead of the wait staff and chances are, you won't have your food spit in. It's a win win win win situation.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1226544

"....we always find problems when we come in..."

That is your problem. You - admittedly - are one of "those" people that are constantly trying to get free food/replacement food after you've eaten half of it.

If you cry wolf too often, people will tune it out. And while you may legitimately have a complaint this time, it seems like even the manager got tired of your schtick.


I agree with the previous poster. Shame on the manager for not giving you a new one to replace the nasty one they gave you. And shame on you for continuing to return to this location.

to Anonymous Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1225610

She should have throne it in the manager's face and is a fool for going back if she gets bad food all the time.

to unfairhiringprastices #1229169

"throne?" really?

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