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I drove over 8 miles just because my kids wanted Steak & Shake. We arrived around 9:30 PM so there were hardly any people in the restaurant and those that were were finishing up.

So there should have been NO problems or issues with our order, which I made to go. I proceeded to order four meals and one hamburger. I paid and waited a bit longer than I would have thought for oh food. I finally received my order and left.

Now I'm sure you all are well aware that KIDS can be rather choosy and difficult when ordering their food and mine are no exception. But they did make it pretty easy seeing they wanted two cheeseburgers PLAIN, ONE DOUBLE BURGER WITH NO KETCHUP. Pretty simple right? SO WRONG.

Unfortuantely I drove all the way home and had set the table to eat before I even took them out of he bag. Not only was one burger WRONG but EVERY SINGLE ONE WAS WRONG! So I figured, ok I'll just call them up and they can have them ready for me...WRONG AGAIN! Even though the drive through is open 24 HOURS, they would not answer the phone.

I called 16 times and no answer, no recording, no voicemail, NOTHING! So my kids ate a bowl of cereal for their dinner. I was livid but not about to drive 9 miles just to be IGNORED! I've never had such an experience at any other place, ever.

I mean that because basically EVERY ITEM WAS WRONG. Oh and I forgot to mention one burger was not even in the bag! I didn't want ANY special treatment, Nothing FREE or any extra food. All I wanted was the order to be corrected, THATS IT!!

But one cannot correct a wrong when the phone is not even answered. The picture I am including is a screenshot of how many times I called tonight. I never do this but had to VENT!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I do feel better but the looks on my kids faces is what made me so upset knowing I could do nothing to change it.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of steak n shake kids combo meal. Steak N Shake needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1217127

Good rule of thumb: ALWAYS check your order before you drive away.


You called 16 times?!! Whoa that is cray cray



Its right. Who eats that late?

9.30pm is a later time for kids to eat. America is a dangerous country as it is. She should of fed them earlier with a healthier option or take-out. She may of wanted to treat her kids to a burger but its her own fault for not explaining her order and for not checking her receipt and order as she received it.

Its easy to park and check you know. Obviously as a "parent" you think its acceptable to feed your kids a very later dinner because of the kids "demands"


Who in their right mind would drive to a fast food joint at that time of the night with their kids? Only in America right?

You should of cooked them a proper meal, ignored their "demands" for a "steak and shake" and sent them to bed. The order was what...moaning over kids didn't want a bit of ketchup or cheese on the burger ...geez. You could of just removed it easily and ate it anyway. Why are you and your kids "so upset" over nothing? 9yr old daughter doesn't behave that way. To ring them that many times is harassment and i am surprised they didn't slap you with a warning to back off.

Just because its 24 hr drive thru doesn't mean people will answer the phones in the restaurant as it effects priority orders etc and they are told to not answer phones and its no importance to them or their company policy so that is just the way it is anywhere. Anyway, see this as a lesson learned and don't go there again as 8 miles for a burger is abit far is it not and next time double check order.

to Anonymous #1192329

"..that time of the night"... Since when is 9:30pm considered a late hour?

When you start paying this person's bills, then you get to decide what they eat and when. Until then, focus on your own spawn and not someone else's!

to Anonymous #1192334

There is no mention anywhere of the person calling her kids "spawn". What is said of their opinion is more valid than yours.

9.90pm is not a late hour to eat?...but considered "late" if its past the kids "bedtime". Double standards

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