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ItIt is 128am.....i've LOVED Steak and Shake ever since i worked there when i was FIFTEEN, i turned FIFTY a month ago. I am in the Steak and Shake in Morrow Ga, experiencing my WORST time at S and S.

Mysrelf and my 2 daughters came in at 1205am, it took 10 mins for the manager to seat us. We waited 40 mins, no server. We watched 2 servers wait hand and foot for 2 tables, no one came to at all. We didnt get service until i walked up to the manager and told we had been waiting 40 mins since SHE sat us.

She sent one of the srevers who had IGNORED us all this time. She took our order, we got our food in 5 mins. Thats the fastest i have ever gotten my food after ordering....this is the worst experience i have ever had in any resrurant. It wasnt even crowded...i dont understand this at all.

I would ask whats wrong, but i know the bewildered manager wouldnt have an answer. This nihht sucked so badly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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