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My Mother and I visited the Steak and Shake in Mooresville indiana. What a disapointment!!!

They are under staffed and totally un b organized. We got our food in shifts, one bowl of chili for one of us, 10 min later the other bowl for the other one of us, 1 hamburger for one of us, my fries no hamburger until about 10 min later. So on and so on for the entire meal. I almost walked out.

Needless to say this experience has ruint my taste for ever spending my money there again! Get your act together, word of mouth can make it or break it. Management never even acknowledged our frustration.

All customers were complaining. Worst experience ever!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Meal Bowl.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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And you care about my broken English becsuse of why? Oh cause you're originally the unprofessional manager at that location!!

Try not putying so much effort into my comment and try fixing your broken staff. Hmmmm, makes perfect sense to me.


Typical TREED1967 post. Complaining in broken english about anything that doesn't live up to her high expectations

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