I took my 2 children and their 2 friends to Steak N' Shake in Southlake, Texas at 12:10 am. There were 4 people in the restaraunt who had been served and no one in the drive thru.

The waiter took their order at 12:27 am while I waited in the car. About 12:35am three guys pulled up and went in and ordered. Then about 1:00 am I noticed the three guys who went in after my children did had already gotten their food and three drive thru cars had been served again before my kids, who ordered take-out while I waited in the car.

I decided to walk in and ask what their hold up was. The manager just ignored me and the waiter did apologize. I went back out to my car and at 1:15am they brought their order and it included food they did not order and food not there that they did order. So back the waiter went and then about 1:25 I went back in and complained and the manager again just ignored me until I told my children to keep the receipt so that I may call and complain.

Then he addressed me and I asked him why it is taking over an hour to serve these girls and the guys who came in after had been served and paid and were leaving and by now, 6 cars were served in the drive thru before my kids were served. The manager snickered at me and asked me what I wanted him to do. I said serve them please and the waiter brought the food to them and it was cold and again, missing food and food added they did not order.

One of the drive thru customers that had come in to the store, came up to me and said she had gotten a cheese chic sandwich, which she did not order and brought it in to get the order correct. Funny, the extra sandwhich we got in our order was a cheese chic sandwhich.

We got the order FINALLY (although still wrong) at 1:40 am. So it took them 1 hour and 30 minutes, serving others after we got there including 6 drive thru cars to serve us the food that was still missing ordered items and had non ordered items in it and it was cold, to complete this transaction.

The waiter was working very hard to get all of the orders out while the manager just stood there and watched. The manager was a lazy in-effective smart mouth whom will take that store into bankruptcy for sure. I redict this Steak n' Shake will close within 6 months because of the un-professional attitude of the manager on the night shift. I feel bad for the waiter who looked like he was trying very hard to please everyone while the manager sat on his lazy rear and never raised a hand to help in expediting the orders.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

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Southlake, Texas, United States #901749

It took 6 years almost to the date~! But your prediction came true =] Sweet delayed gratification!!


Ted....perhaps you are the one that needs to get a life. She has every right to complain, that s what this site is for.

and Jason - it is pretty obvious that her "children" may have been teenagers.

You must not have children if you think what she did is child neglect. Go ahead and call CPS, they will laugh in your face.


Ever think of just leaving the restaurant and going someplace else? You could have all eaten and been asleep in your beds by the time you got some nasty Steak & Ache food.

Then again, how long did it take you to write up that complaint? Get a life.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #29896

What kind of parent takes children out in the middle of the night and leaves them alone in a restaurant. Hopefully he called Child Protective services on you.

This is neglect.

I am sending this letter to them and the police. to show them that you left them alone in a restaurant in the middle of the night while for an hour.

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