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I'd hoped I could still order breakfast in the afternoon, but when that turned out to be unavailable I ordered a Taco Salad. I was VERY disappointed, had no idea it was cold, The picture showed it in a bowl but I simply thought it didn't have a taco shell, perhaps served with crunchy chips on the side....wrong! I expected it to be hot, with refried beans, sour cream, cheese, salsa, tomato sauce, and a reasonable amount of meat. The only meat...
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offconsumerpissed LOL! May the lord bless you with the assistance you need!

I liked
  • Friendly
  • Fast service
  • Price
I didn't like
  • Food item not as expected
I went to steak n shake and ordered food. I asked for a burger number 16 and a beef taco salad with NO onions and extra dressing. I received my order and went home. Open my salad to find loaded onions and NO dressing what so ever where i couldnt even eat the salad dry. My boyfriend then gave me his order and he made soup. I would have never even ordered if i knew. Let alone the long wait at the window. This is one of the worst services ive ever...
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Steak N Shake Taco Salad Review

Regret purchasing anything from here. I recommend checking your food before leaving with a carry-out. I'm not sure if the problem is because it was almost midnight, but my taco salad was a "give-up order"- no strips, small portion, & just sloppy. I wasted my money tonight.