Steak N Shake The Original Double Steakburger Reviews

My wife and I stopped a the Steak and Shake on Morton Rd in Jacksonville,Il on 10/11/16 at (9:30 PM) to but a hamburger. Could not find what we wanted on the menu, saw the combo for 3.99 so ordered 2 double Steakburgers,but said we did not want fries. Bill 8.90.I said to the lady a combo is 3.99 each how come a burger by itself is more, A male voice came on and said the burger by itself is more than the combo. So we took the fries,threw them...
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I liked
  • Usually good food and pleasant key word usually
Every single time I go to Steak 'n Shake on us 31 towards greenwood, in the can't ever get my order right!I haven't been there in months since the manager wanted to make up all kinds of excuses for me having to wait for food for 2 1/2 hours after I had paid then it was hard for all the staff to even find the manager! This time I am beyond pissed because now I just got a plain burger even after months of not going I had to wait 30 minutes to just...
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I visited one of your stores in Northern Kentucky on Mt.Zion road, & i have to say it was the worst experience at Steak & Shake i have ever had. The customer service was rude & snippy, my food was ice cold, not made correct, thrown together & very messy with what looked like extra condiments. I eat at Steak & shake all the time but this may make rethink spending my money at a place that would serve your food to you in the way mine was served to...
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I didn't like
  • Pooe customer service
  • Rudeness of employees
  • Product