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After I wrote the complaint they call me I explained to them what happened they send me an email telling me did the matter was being sent to the manager of the store after that I never heard from them again this is what happened my husband went to take my grandchildren to eat at the restaurant he's going to be 70 years old he when to pay for the food the food was $16.90 when he was asked to put the pin number he thought he paid when he checked the receipt he he had been charged $86.97 for tip when he approached them with the problem they did something with the credit card he thought he they fixed it when he came home I checked the receipts they only refund him for the food I went the next day to talk to the manager he took pictures of the receipt and told me that he will take care of it by calling corporate he calls me back the same day and tells me that he called and that they will take care of it and I never heard from them again until I complained still waiting we live in social security we don't have 70 to give away.

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I wish Steak and Shake would go back to serving Cottage cheese again. As a diabetic, side dishes such as cole slaw, chili, applesauce, french fries, baked beans, salads with dressing and onion rings are not healthy choices for alot of customers.

I also don't understand why the only white bread you serve for toast orders is texas toast. i love Steak and Shake but you are sure not diet friendly.

to Bobbie Burris #1632121

Absolutely no one cares about what you want.

to Anonymous #1650862

I Care! However, I am not particularly fond of Diet Foods, Low Salt Foods, or any Light foods.

They tend to taste very unappealing. Life is hard enough without having to deprive yourself of guilty pleasures like indulging in delicious decadent king sized meals.

All of the extra fat on your body helps to keep your warm in the winter. And it gives your significant other 'A Little Bit More To Love."

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