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Hello my name is Adam I am married with three daughters and have my mother-in-law living with us. I’ve been to this location at 675 Meacham Rd.

elk Grove Village now a couple times and both times it is been horrible service starting with the manager and the servers they are poor trained!! The food was ice cold the shakes were melted. It took 58 minutes to get my triple cheeseburger while my whole family was eating ice cold food. We tried to talk to the manager he was un able to talk to us and did not want to be bothered his exact words.

I am a local vlogger So I video My poor experience in your restaurant to show my Viewers what kind of service Steak ‘n Shake is providing. I have not released this video yet planning to in the future. I have over 50,000 followers. I would like a call back from the district manager or the president or vice president of this company.

My telephone number is 773 443-3527 thank you for your time. An unhappy customer Adam *** P.S Here is a screenshot of my timer that I set when I ordered my food yesterday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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To: The Reviewer Terrible Service Clearly you're the type of customer that is looking to get something for free. Or you're lying and fabricating while trying to start something with the employees and the managers. Customers like you deserve to be banned for life!


So you’re trying to blackmail them. Good to know that your personality includes criminal intent.

Amazing that you think you’re so important that YOU deserve something more then you paid for!! It doesn’t matter what you say happened. The reality is that YOU would say anything if you thought you could profit off of it. Which is why you try and use blackmail.

Then you post your personal information on a public website!!

Are you SURE you’re some blogger? One would think you would be smarter then this.


This isn't the Steak n Shake website, you know. And what does your marital status and the identities of who lives with you matter?

That has nothing to do with your complaint. Also, posting your phone number on a public site along with your full name is not a good idea.


And nobody asked you for your advice. It's not like people are going to be able to fix stupid people!

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