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My sister has had birthday parties at steak and shake on hwy 173 in machesney park illinois many times. We bring cake in to celebrate after dinner and noone has ever said anything before about it being an issue.

However i decided to bring my family there to celebrate my daughters 10th birthday this past sat oct 6th. We had mabye about 20 to 25 people. I even called early in the morninng to give them a heads up just to be considerate. Anyway we got there.

At 6pm. We ordered and we all had to wait till 715 before anyone got their food.then we had to wait about 5 min before anyone got any silverware. ??? I ordered the white truffle minus onion.

I got it. It had onion on it after i took a bite so i requested it To be fixed. They took it. Scraped the onion off and thru more mushrooms on it and gave it back to me.

I know this cuz my bite was still there. Fyi there was still onion on it. So i asked to speak to a manager. She took my burger and had them make it again and took it off my bill.

Ok that would hve been fine. However my sister had the same thing happen to her she ordered a burger with no onion. It had onion so she sent it back. The second burger she received had a different kind of onion on it.

So she sent it back again. They scraped it off and gave it back to her again. My question is what would have happened if we we’re allergic? She decided to not complain futher.

I was letting it go. While we were eating i overheard our waitress apologizing to another table for the wait because they had to help that big table over there as if we were doing something wrong. The tone in her voice was very snotty toward our table. Then we got finished eating noone cleared any plates by the way.

So were sitting there trying to do cake with no room. I got up and asked if we could get some plates for our cake. Again we have done this before and there is never an issue. And i always leave a very nice tip for the extra troubles with plates and such.

I literally waited 15 minutes for plates before i went and asked again. Then she got lippy with me. Said “i was gna do that” well why didnt you then.?? She brought the plates and made a point to yell me at in front of my family bcuz there is no outside food allowed and i should have asked.

I beleive this is because of my burger situation she prolly got scolded for it and was now upset with me. After that everyone could feel this tension with her when ever she came by. It was not a happy feeling while trying to celebrate a birthday. For one if there was an issue i do understand but to yell at me in front of the whole party is way un called for.

Instead of trying to enjoy the night it turned into how big of a snot she was. The whole family was talking about her. Saying how rude it was for her to come acroos the way she did. Expecially being she wasnt a manager who gives her the right to say anything to anyone.

If there was an issue i would have expected that a manager come talk to me face to face not shouting where the whole party can hear creating tension as if we all did something wrong. Had i of known thia i would not have gone there. But again i myself had never brought a cake in but i had been with my sister on two other occasions where ahe brought a cake and nothing was said. The wait staff acted as if we were putting them out for having a get together there.

Umm excuse me but isnt that how you make money? After this experience i will never set foot in that place again and i will tell everyone i can how rude the staff is. The only one that was decent was the manager that fixed my burger for me. She was really nice.

I feel bad for her having to work there with all the other staff who cant show any respect This is really just a shame bcuz my daughter really loves ateak and shake. But from now on i guess we will stick to Golden Corral who has never had an issue with us. Heck they even offer to put our cake in the fridge for us till we are ready for it. Thats way more then i would expect.

But at a bare minimum i would expect to not be rediculed in front of my own family bcuz your staff got angry with me over a burger that they got caught doing wrong. Everyone makes mistakes it would not have been a big deal if they coulda just fixed it. Instead you ruined my daughters 10th birthday. Double digits will be remembered by the horrible experience we had at steak and shake.

I hope someone reads this and can at least have a chat with the staff at this store as to how you treat customers as this is not how is should be. Thank you for your time...

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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