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Just saw a video of a Steak N Shake employee REFUSING to serve a Trump supporter....... I am sure you will receive many complaints.

You can add my name to those that will NEVER step foot into another one of your restaurants again. I live 3 miles from the one I frequent and will make sure NO ONE ELSE in my family EVER eats at your place again.... This action took place at your Cape Girardeau, Mo. store.

By the way, I think every time I pass another SnS my stomach will turn. So, I need 100 words to express my anger at your establishment that thinks it's OK to turn away those that you hate???

Well, there is just so many word available to tell you that I will NEVER eat at another SnS. I hope you don't mind losing many customers, because I believe We The People are sick and tired of establishment such as yours that think it's OK to refuse to serve those that want to spend their money on your product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: FIRE the one that refused service to a Trump Supporter, NOTHING LESS.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Exactly how are you going to make sure that no one in your family eats there again. They have a right to make their own decisions and you cannot force them to boycott a company. Also I doubt your family is going to listen to a child in the first place.


So you see a clip and not the whole video and THAT is what you’re going to base a life long choice on? I see WHY Russia gets away with meddling.

You people will believe ANYTHING!! There is this little thing called CONTEXT!! By watching the whole video and then researching it you will discover that ALL VIDEO CLIPS edited the right way will show EXACTLY what you are trying to convince people happens. Have you forgotten the most recent fake news?

About a supposed showdown with a trump supporter and a Native American Indian drummer? It was proven to be fake news yet MILLIONS of you bought into it. No research. No common sense.

You people swallowed that hook so fast!! Literally MILLIONS of you cyber consumers saw it and started posting death threats. The situation didn’t unfold like it was presented but that’s NOT what you believed. So before you go blasting a business for a few second clip remember that NOTHING happens in a vacuum.

There is ALWAYS more to a situation then a short video clip is going to show.

Maybe shove that self entitled outrage deep down in your soul and start using your brain BEFORE you buy into some sloppy attempt at besmirching a business. It ONLY shows YOUR issues and NOT said business.


If you notice the rear view mirror at the beginning, it is a big panel truck with a U-Haul behind it and she says "you can't park here". Even if they are wanting to come in and eat that truck will take up a lot of space and possibly block traffic. That is a business decision I would agree with and it has nothing to do with politics.


I’m not a Trump supporter, however I do believe in the right to support the candidate of your choice! Steak & Shake is in the business to serve food, not political views! For this reason & it’s a hard one as I enjoy the food there, I will no longer eat @ any Steak & Shake location!

to D. R. West #1629184



1. 1 person doesn't represent the views of the entire company 2. The store mentioned is a franchise - independently owned and operated

to anonymous #1623174

1.The franchise agrees to the same standards as corporate in its franchise agreement. 2.

its bad business 3. it is simply wrong...


Steak n Shake isn't getting my business any more....

to Anonymous #1603008

No one cares...


bahahaha my guess is that lasts 2 months tops

to Anonymous #1597788

Hush snowflake.

to Anonymous #1597845

LOL. The snowflakes are the ones that can't stand anyone that dares to upset your little world of delusion.

to Anonymous #1597843

Nope. Forever.

I won't step foot in another Steak n Shake.. If I do, I will be sure to wear every Trump piece of clothing I can get my hands upon.

to Anonymous #1599759

And to add flavor to your banal and lame display, how about yelling Heil Trump to the kids working in a store that have zero to do with your little hurt feelings. Good thing about this, you'll stand tall before God on judgement day to answer for your support of 45. he'll have one question, " I sent the easiest test possible, why did you fail it?"

to Anonymous #1623176

Just how stupid are you with the Hitler comparison, What is banal and lame is the non- reason for refusing service what it religious no, it was hurt feeling fro the site manager. get over yourself already.

to Anonymous #1659130

Response to the person who posted on Jan 3. How stupid are you.

No one mentioned anything about Hitler. It is a shame that you have to make things up to make others look bad.

to ImpossibleQuokka #1660790

I would call myself "Anonymous" too if I was leaving such rude comments!

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