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When we parked our three trucks 5 of the men got out waiting on my one of you employees that was sitting in her car smoking yelled at them "give me one of those 4 wheelers" and they just looked at her. She then yelled out to them as they started walking toward the door of the "better yet just take me with you".

I then got out and headed that way behind them and she started laughing with this embarrassing laugh. I thought that was very inappropriate of an employee to act like that and cat calling. These men are married to my friends and they sure wouldn't appreciate that at all and nor myself, I just happen to be with mine. One of them made a remark that she acted like a lot lizzard.

That is not how I would want my employees acting on or off my company property nor should they be smoking in the parking lot where we have to walk through the smoke to get to the door. After we got in and got a table we waited 25 minutes and noone took our order or got us drinks, we decided to leave and go to Arby's.

This is your reputation so it is up to you how you use this information. Thanks

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Wow, she sounds like a skank.

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