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Locations on Olive near 141 in West St Louis county, on Dorsett at 270, and at Page/Ashby. I have worked near Westport Plaza for the last 12 years and I've been a fan of Steak n Shake since I was a kid.

In the late 80's and early 90's, I was a Store Manager at multiple locations in North St Louis county including what was the training store at the time near Northwest Plaza. With that said, I have to tell you that I have not been able to have a single good experience at any of the three locations listed in several years. The responsibility must fall with the management team hear in St Louis because I never seem to have a problem in St Charles or near my home in South St Louis County. If these locations were properly managed, most of the employees at all three locations would need to be replaced.

Servers that are unable to write down my order correctly, line workers that prepare the food incorrectly, dirty stores in disrepair, bad attitudes, and the list goes on. I'm tired of being offered a free meal every single time I try to eat lunch at one of these locations due to the poor food quality and poor service, I only want my order to be prepared correctly and be served to me timely... I don't want it free, I want it correct!

I started eating lunch at the Page/Ashby location 12 years ago and while Bill Degonia was managing, I never had a single problem. Soon after he left, I noticed the service times taking considerably longer, then incorrect orders each time I visited.

I decided to try a different location nearby at Dorsett and 270. I had lunch at this location at least 10 or 15 times over a years period, and every single time I had a problem with extremely long cook times, incorrect orders, etc. just like at Page/Ashby. After having a change to the location of my office, I was closer to the Olive/141 location so I decided to try there.

For the first two months or so, myself and three coworkers visited this location weekly on Friday to find perfect food and service every single time. We left large tips and we complemented the Store Manager on his well run location on multiple visits... until one Friday when we visited about 2 years ago, we had a slight problem with the amount of time our order took. Since it was a holiday weekend and the store was pretty busy, we cut them a break.

The manager cashed us out and apologized for the long wait, we said not a problem and that we understood. Then he said something that I found interesting, he said "things are going to get much better around here now that I'm the new manager, cause I'm bringing in some "heavy hitters"..." Well from that day on we have not had a decent visit. We still attempt to eat lunch there once in a while on a Friday but usually decide to go elsewhere due to the history of poor service and incorrect meals. Honestly, how hard is it to get the order of a 4 person table correct?

The last three times, including today.. we attempted to visit and ended up walking out due to the server not writing down out orders correctly, coming back to the table 2-3 times to verify accuracy only for the order to take 30 minutes and come out cold and incorrect. Unfortunately, today is the last day we are going to even attempt to eat at Steak n Shake. I will continue to visit the locations near my home in South County and Arnold as well as the St Charles location but I will not be back to any of the three locations mentioned above.

I'm sure the sales figures for these stores reflect the trend of poor quality and slow service. You may want to consider new management starting at the district or perhaps even the regional level to correct these issues.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Service, Customer service, Incorrect order, Slowness.

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