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We were Greeted by a server with rotten teeth and a yellow dingy shirt which was untucked.We were seated at a table that was dirty and had to wait 5 minutes for a server to take our order.

The water and tea we ordered tasted dirty and was left on the table after we complained that it tasted funny. We ordered a bowl of chili that had a pasty juice to it whatsoever!! We informed the server that the chili was horrible and we would like it replaced with a bowl of chili that did not appear to be a concrete paste with more juice. The server then added water to it which made it a lesser concrete paste but then tasted of dirt such as the glass of water and tea did .

Upon asking for the chili to be removed from the check, the manager proceeded to explain that he was making a new pot and hopes to have it finished before anyone came in.

On top of horrible food and service the overall appearance of the staff was very displeasing!I will never eat at this location again neither will I suggest it to anyone I know !!

Review about: Steak N Shake Chili.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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it takes several hours to make a pot of chili....also its better if its not fresh

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