One night we were hungry so we went to steak and shake or North Side Dr., Atlanta, GA and we order three western barbecue burgers no onion no barbecue sauce well we get no fries on the burger and guess what was supposed to be on the burger fries and a burger that's why got the *** burger. Also we were supposed to get another part for my sister we did not get the burger nor the fries.

Then we had to go up to the steak and shake and get it again they better be glad that we live in Buckhead because we would've lost that $70 down the drain. So when we go up there to get the burger this lady named Debra a old white lady with the space between her teeth comes up and we tell her what we need she does not give us I contact at all then she just has a half of half the size you want fries and we say yes then this is what she is getting us the burger she flies across the table to unlock the way without saying sorry about it sorry for the inconvenience nothing nada what a *** then I was about to smack some Molly while somebody's head so I leave then once I get home I look in the burger and there's nothing but a *** patty no cheese no onion no lettuce no tomato nothing and we asked for no cheese and we get nothing we just get the *** patty then we call to ask for the manger no answer 3 times then the 4 time she answers and guess who it is debra *** debra and she say the manger is busy so we are going to write a long email

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of steak n shake steakburger. Steak N Shake needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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De Smet, South Dakota, United States #994899

What would the purpose be of ordering a Western bar- be- que burger without bar- be-que sauce on them be?

De Smet, South Dakota, United States #994898

Next time you decide to order take out, you better take at least one of your parents with you so that the right things can be ordered, the way you want them. Also you could just let your parents go to buy the food, and while staying home you could be doing your homework and learning how to use proper grammar. The grammar you used in your complaint is absolutely horrible.

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