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You know what, I don’t know why I continue to try and give my local steak n’ shake a chance, THEY SUCK. And tonight TAKES THE CAKE.

My friend and I placed 2 separate online orders tonight via the app. Our orders were due ready at the same time, 7:35pm. We arrived at an EMPTY drive-thru at 7:33pm, so I would’ve been more than understanding if I had to wait a couple of minutes. The worker told us to pull on forward.

We were met with one car in front of us at the window, which took FOREVER, so by the time our turn came at the window, it was 7:43. She took a while to come to the window where she told me I owed $16.55. I told her I was the car with the 2 pick ups and my orders were PAID IN ADVANCE. She was gone for a while and I saw other workers and the manager gathered around.

Finally, after another 5-7 minutes she came back and told us the food would be out soon. By this point, it was 7:50. She wouldn’t admit it, but she had just given the car in front of us our food. When I asked her why our food wasn’t ready, she rudely responded “well we’re very busy”.

THAT WAS THE WHOLE *** POINT OF ORDERING AHEAD. My order was placed before the drive-thru got busy, so why did it take an additional 20 minutes to get me my orders??? I was so livid, I went inside where I asked for my money back, because at this point, I want nothing to do with this establishment, to which he responded, he couldn’t refund my money because I paid on the app. So I was forced to sit there and wait for food that I no longer wanted because the workers at this particular restaurant are WORTHLESS.

ALL OF THEM. I was not offered a refund, I was not offered anything for this awful inconvenience, I was barely given an apology.

I should not have been made to pay for this food, it’s not my fault that they are incompetent morons who don’t pay attention. I WILL NOT be returning and while I’m certain my patronage alone will not be missed, I will not have anything nice to say to my friends and family in this area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Steak N Shake Drive-through.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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