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Took my wife to our local Steak 'n Shake here in Springfield, Il. Store #1201209.

We ordered 2 Snack Pk Stk. while setting there I caught an add about there French Onion Soup on one of there table adds, $2.99 or add $1.75 to any sandwich 'n fries. So I ordered one, not bad. However when I got my bill they charged me the $2.99.

I showed our waitress the advertisement price of the $1.75, she took it to the manager, the manager came back to me and told me it didn't apply to the snack Pk's. Not what the add said I told her.

See picture I posted. It just upset me so here I am posting it and getting it of my chest.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of steak n shake french fries and associated monetary loss in the amount of $1. Steak N Shake needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Honer? I just met her?



uh, screw the fine print/snack size BS vs. what constitutes a sandwich under these stipulations--what about the "'n fries" portion?

nowhere on your receipt does it state you ordered said necessary fries.

.....yeah. go champ!

you tell 'em. over that...$1.00 you're claiming as your monetary loss.


Yeah. You really don't have a valid complaint.

You ordered a snack pack, not a sandwich. Coupons are about up selling and businesses count on the fact that the profit margin on the sandwich makes up for the loss on the soup. You ordered something that isn't on the menu as a stand alone sandwich and, therefore, doesn't meet the criteria for the coupon. It's your responsibility to inquire as to the deal restrictions before you order.

You tried to pull a fast one, or assumed you could guilt them into a discount, and then cropped out the fine print you didn't read (obviously).

$3 for French Onion soup and your complaining? You are complaining about $1.24 when it was your error?


It clearly says you can add it to any SANDWICH for $1.75, not any snack pack. Sounds like you were hoping to take your wife out for a really cheap date, what with ordering the snack and then trying to get a discounted soup on top of that. Cheapo!


Why did you rip off the fine print of the ad ad where it would prove you wrong before taking the picture?

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